Hello, I am Dr Leonaura Rhodes and I been on a mission to help people improve their health and wellbeing for over 23 years. I began my career in the UK as a physician specializing in General Practice, Public Health and Developmental Pediatrics. I have a Masters Degree in Public Health and am trained in Neurotherapy, Life Coaching and Strategic Intervention Coaching and Marriage Education.

I work now as a Health and Happiness Coach and Corporate Wellbeing Consultant. In 2014 I was delighted to publish my first book “Beyond Soccer Mom: strategies for a fabulous balanced life”: a comprehensive self-coaching book for those who a committed to creating a better life, for themselves and their families.

I also work as a Freelance Medical Writer combining my love of Medicine with my passion for writing.

Originally from England, I live in Connecticut with my husband and two sons. I love singing loudly in the car, dancing like an 18 year old at music festivals, kayaking and having adventures with my family!